What Does Hand Embellishing Mean?

Embellishing Techniques

The word “embellish” as defined by Webster is “to make beautiful by ornamentation, to adorn or to add fanciful details to.”  When we’re talking about art on canvas, embellishing refers to painting over areas of the image to enhance color and/or to add brush strokes to the finished work.  Embellishing  techniques are as unique as the artists themselves – some use oil paints while others use clear gesso, some have a great deal of texture while others apply a thin layer of paint.

In either case, the canvas has more texture and dimension when it is embellished and looks more like an original. And both serigraphs and giclees can be embellished.

Looks More Like An Original Painting

Since embellished canvases involve greater involvement on the part of the artist than an unembellished one, art lovers can get a step closer to an original at a fraction of the cost. Embellished editions are usually considerably smaller than the regular edition. 

A hand embellished giclee is a giclee print on which an artist has applied their unique touch with their particular art medium or mediums.  An artist paints or draws in areas of choice to add texture or metallic paints making a giclee look even more like an original than it already does.  This can be as simple as painting a little bit in the highlights/shadows and can be as complicated as painting over most of a printed image. Each artist’s embellishing techniques are as distinctive as the art they create.  Artists can use embellishing in different ways to customize or offer one-of-a-kind prints to their clients.

o embellish is to make more beautiful and attractive or to add fanciful details.  There are several reasons an artist may want to embellish their giclees.  One of the biggest reasons being that an artist can offer the hand embellished giclees at a price point that falls between a print and an original.  This offers an artist more exposure to a broader range of demographics.  This gives them more of a chance of making a sale to more people of all income ranges.

An embellished giclee can also offer an artist an avenue to customize their giclees for each client. 


What is a Giclée?

What does the word Giclée mean?

The contemporary giclée has become a valuable addition to the art world. “Giclée” is a French term, which means to spray ink. The pronunciation of giclée is “zhee-clay.”

Essentially a giclée is the reproduction an original 2 dimensional work of art using a highly specialized inkjet printer.

Giclée have a much higher resolution than offset lithographs and the dynamic color range is far greater than that of a serigraph. Giclée are produced using a high-resolution inkjet printer, which can spray ink as small as 1/100th the width of human hair, this process is generally regarded by the art industry as the highest quality reproduction available and in many cases are indistinguishable from the original artwork.  
The entire process of producing a fine art giclée is an artistic endeavor within itself, requiring a great deal of patience and skill. 

Art Evolution has been producing giclée for the past 15 years, we employ experts in the field of high-resolution photography, color matching and printing on high quality canvas. The final result is an exquisite artwork that does not need to be framed under glass and is of such high quality that giclée reproductions can be found on display at museums around the world, including The Louvre, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim. 

What makes a giclée limited edition valuable?

Here are some of the reasons why an art buyer may consider purchasing a giclée artwork.

 Hi quality giclée is estimated to remain colorfast for 75 years or more.
 The giclée printing process provides better color accuracy than almost any other means of reproduction. 

 Limited editions of below 400 in number are proven to have excellent resale value. As with any desirable product where demand exceeds supply as the limited edition begins to sell out and rarity becomes a factor the artwork generally begins to increase in value. 

Giclée are a wonderful cost effective alternative and are often indistinguishable from the original painting.

 When considering an investment in art, it is generally wiser to own a quality limited edition giclée from an established artist with a proven track record than an original artwork from a lesser-known artist. 
 For practical reasons there are many situations in which a cost effective limited edition giclée could be the first choice. These include: vacation homes; gifts, or display in executive offices, or any other environment in which you wish to maintain a level of quality, but in which an original work would not be practical, secure or cost effective.

What is hand embellishing?

Our fine art canvas giclée reproductions are completely hand-embellished and in many cases are comparable to the original artwork. Our trained artists faithfully enhance each artwork to exacting specifications and are finished in a protective UV varnish. For this reason, every fine art embellished canvas giclée is a unique work of art.